We had decided that we needed to get another kitten. Jennaka wanted a cat of her own because her cat Lizzie, which we brought from CA, had sadly ran away. Lizzie had always loved being outdoors and cried every night for two weeks before her escape. We recently saw her in the open lot next to ours, so are happy to know that she is still surviving on her own and knowing her, very happy doing so. Also our dog Secret is a notorious cat chaser, so our hope was that a kitten could help change her behavior.


At the same time, our friends the Morelos family, who just moved to our village in August for a year, also wanted a kitten. Their reason was a little different than ours as they were in need of a creepy crawler killer, as they had already killed six scorpions in their rental. Yikes!


I made a call to the local animal rescuer, Katja, and she spread the word for us. Within hours I received a phone call about two brother kittens needing a home and also an email about a found kitten. So with Jennaka, Monique Morelos, and her twin 8 years old daughters Hannah and Maya in tow, we went to meet these hopefully new furry family members. The idea was that the Morelos family would take the two brothers as they have two more daughters at home (Jessica, 14 and Nicole, 12) and we already have two cats at home (Bubbles and our three legged cat Cosmo) and Jennaka would get the single kitten.


It just so happened that on our first stop into Jaco was with the single kitten and of course we all instantly fell in love with this little 5 week old fur-ball. Jennaka said she would definitely take him so we arranged to pick him up later that day on our way home.


Having arranged to meet in Jaco with the other kittens, Monique, her daughters, and I anxiously waited while Jennaka went in for her orthodontist appointment. This would be the Morelos family’s first cat, EVER, and the twins could barely contain their excitement. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived I knew that these two kittens would not be a good match for the Morelos Family. They were old enough now to be set in their ways and most likely not tolerant of small children wanting to hug and hold them all day. Along with the fact that the Morelos’ rental is very open (no windows or screens, picture a big tree house) and those two cats would run away the moment they got there. My heart went out to Hannah and Maya as their faces dropped while I expressed my concerns to their mother.  I knew then that the kitten Jennaka had chosen was the better choice for them and now it was just a matter of convincing them and Jennaka of that too.


Naturally, Monique did not want to take the kitten away from Jennaka. Jennaka was very disappointed and sad about the prospect of not getting the kitten as she had her heart set on it. Of course she was angry towards me for wanting her to let the Morelos family have the kitten, but she also knew that she couldn’t go home with that kitten knowing that she already had two cats at home and Morelos’ had none. So with tear filled eyes she gave the Morelos girls the go ahead to get the kitten.


It truly was a bitter sweet moment for all, as Hannah and Maya were thrilled to be getting the kitten but very sad for Jennaka (and Tiana). It just so happens that while we were in Jaco that day, Tiana (who had begged and begged to come along to see the kittens) was at home making toys for our soon to be new family member. Truthfully, I don’t know who was more mad and angry at me, Jennaka or Tiana. But I reassured them and the Morelos family that we would have our very own new kitten within two weeks as kittens are born and found daily here. “Mark my words!” I proclaimed.


And then the day came….Six days later while on our (Monique, Jessica, Jennaka, and I) early morning walk our dogs were going crazy, barking and digging at the base of a hollow tree stump. Jennaka asked if she could go check out what all the excitement was about and, trudging through some mud due to the previous night’s rainstorm to get to the open side of the stump, she joyously shouted, “It’s a kitten!” And when I went to see too, I saw not one little face, but TWO frightened little faces looking up at me from deep inside the stump. The joy on Jennaka’s face was priceless as she asked if we could keep them both and I replied “Yes!”


We all concluded later that Jennaka got the best workout that day because she ran up the hill to our home and back again with two beach towels to help retrieve the kittens. Monique and Jessica said later that they weren’t really sure if Jennaka’s feet even touched the road as she ran, it was more like she was floating. What a special moment that was.


We are all happy with our new family members. Now everyone has a kitten. The Morelos’ named their kitten Miles as he has markings on this back that look like a smile.  I don’t know if he has fulfilled his duties of bug catcher yet, but their daughters sure do love him so. The two that we found were about 7 weeks old at the time and Jennaka has named her kitten Ollie and Tiana’s is Kanga. And they are brothers.


Pura Vida.



       Jennaka & Kanga                                                    Ollie