What A Mystery


On a Monday afternoon we surprisingly discovered our 7 month old, three-legged cat Cosmo sitting on our front porch chewing on an iguana’s tail about 24 inches long. Taking the tail from the cat and tossing it in the nearby brush, we were stumped on figuring out where the little guy had gotten such a thing. We could see the possibilities with maybe one of our older, more experienced hunters, like Bubbles or Lizzie, but not our three-legged kitten, who looks more like a hopping rabbit than a cat when he gets going fast.  It appeared that there was no answer and this event would be one of our mysteries of Costa Rican living.


The following day, very early in the morning, as the girls were sleeping, Kurt and I were preparing to leave for another long day of tile and accessories shopping in San Jose with our contractor, Carlos. To aide in the long, tedious drive to San Jose, that we appeared to be taking a lot these days, Kurt was in the back bedroom going through our boxes in search of some fresh CDs to take with us for the drive.  Not surprising, Kurt heard some rustling amongst the boxes and out popped our cat Bubbles. He then figured our other cat Lizzie must still be hiding amongst the boxes when the rustling continued. But soon to his surprise and amazement, he discovered that it was not Lizzie making all that ruckus, but actually a huge iguana!!



After shutting doors to the other rooms and creating a secured walkway from the back room to the front door using surfboards and boogie boards, Kurt began the process of trying to “shoo” that iguana out of our home. Frightened, I’m sure, the iguana was not as willing to quietly leave the premises and ended up crawling into an opened box full of odds and ins for home school projects. Cautiously, Kurt gathered up the box and quickly brought it outside to set this prehistoric looking creature free. Surprisingly though, the visitor to our home did not want to come out of that box and it took some doing to finally convince him that he was free to go. Finally, after many successful attempts of crawling back into the box, we were able to get him out once and for all, and I am sure as you have already guessed, our mystery was solved as there sitting before us was a tailless iguana measuring about another 24 inches (total length of the creature with tail was about 4 feet!). Of course we will never know which one of our cats actually took the tail from the iguana or how it even got into our home, but we do know that living in Costa Rica continues to hold many surprises.


Pura Vida!