First day


When I woke up I was so scared. I thought that every one back home could hear my heart thumpity thumpity. I didnít want to eat breakfast because I was to nervous. Then my family and I started walking to the school. When we got there I was reallynervous.The front door opened to the MPR and I went inside to sit on one of the chair. At first I was sitting alone. Then my dad came and sat next to me. People in front of me were staring at me. Then someone sat next to me. She was very nice. Her mother helped us when we were here on vacation.


Then the national anthem. Then the older kids went with a teacher and the younger kids went with a teacher. Guess where I went. This is very tricky. I went with the younger kids. Didnít see that one coming. We all went around and said our names. Oh no! Two more kids and then me. My heart was thumpity thumpity thumpity thumpity. Then I said my name quietly, then I had to say it louder.


Then recess came. I sat down next to my sister and dad. Two girls came and asked me if I wanted to play tag. I said yes. Well they said it in Spanish and I said my answer in Spanish just to let you know. Then more and more kids came to play. Then I followed the kids around. There were like 7 or 8 kids. Then time to go back inside. A little girl sat next to me. Then I just noticed that this wasnít really the first day of school. It was just a day to meet people.