A Secret


There is a favorite surf spot in our area that has been nick named the Secret Spot. To get there it’s a 20 minute walk along a dense jungle lined beach. You know you have arrived when you come to this lonely house sitting amongst the palm trees. The first time Kurt was taken there by some surfer friends, he had to swear to secrecy. But like most good things, secrets are hard to keep, and now it appears that all the surfers in our village and possibly a few vacationing gringos know about this special surfing spot.  And even though the secret is out, it is still referred to as the Secret Spot.


One day while taking the beach walk home after a good surfing session at the Secret Spot Kurt realized that he was being followed by a dog. Not encouraging or discouraging the animal, Kurt continued on his way. He figured if the dog came the entire way home to our house that he would deal with it then. And sure enough she followed him the whole way.


Being the animal lover that she is, Tiana thought this dog was the most beautiful dog that she had ever seen. Please note that Tiana thinks every dog is the most beautiful dog that she has ever seen. Truthfully the dog was looking quite scraggily and thin and the word beautiful was definitely a term that did not even enter my mind when I saw here. But Tiana’s begging and pleading and the fact that our other dog Josie had taken to her as well, we decided to let her stay…that is, if she stayed. Another homeless dog a few months earlier had appeared on our doorstep and was invited to stay, but his life of a roamer must have been too much of a pull as he was gone the next day. 


It was obvious that this current dog had already had a litter of puppies, so the next day when we discovered that she was still living on our front porch, we immediately took her to the vet to be fixed. Our thinking was that even if she chose not to stay with us like the other homeless dog, at least we would have stopped another female dog from having more unwanted puppies.


The vet at that time estimated that she was about a year old and she has now been with us for the past four months. Tiana named her Secret (hence, the Secret Spot) and beautiful is a word that I would definitely choose to describe her. Her coat has luster, her tail that was once stringy is now full and bushy, and her chocolate eyes sparkle. But her real beauty comes from within as she is a very loving, sweet and loyal dog.  She is Josie’s best friend (which keeps Josie at home) and is happy and content to hang out on our front porch and guard our house day and night. Secret is truly a man’s best friend and in our case, a family’s best friend.


Pura Vida