A Croc’s Tale


It has been raining hard all day and night for a few days. Apparently the hurricanes in the US were causing lots of rainstorms in our area of Costa Rica. With all this rain, large ponds were replacing open fields and streams were forming at there own will.  One evening after the gray sky had turned black; we left the dry coziness of our home to attend a going away dinner for a friend in the nearby village of Esterillos Este.


Heading out on the unlit road that connects us to the main highway (and I use the word “highway” loosely for lack of a better word. It is a paved two lane road), I happen to notice a pair of red eyes reflecting back from the car’s headlights along the side of the wet road. Quickly pointing this out to my family, we all were amazed and shocked when we got closer and saw that those two eyes belonged to a crocodile preparing to cross the road. “It’s a CROCODILE!” we all shouted in unison. Kurt slammed on the brakes and backed up as quickly as he could to give us a better look at this out of place creature. What a sight to see! We figured it to be a caiman crocodile about 5 ft long. Unfortunately our presence caused the crocodile to change his mind about crossing the road and quickly retrieved back to the unnatural stream that had formed in the ditch of the road. The last that we saw of it was the tip of its head as it slithered its body through the water and back into the wet, marshy field where it had come from. 


So now instead of taking a flashlight with us on our evening walks because of the possibility of snakes, it appears that we will also need it for the occasional croc in the road.


Pura Vida