5th graders point of view



We sit in our “oven” roasting. A fan blowing on me but I wish it could

go faster. We went to the beach with the blistering sun above us. We walk up to our house which is far far away once we get up there to our small rental house we go to the hose(moss has grown on the hose bib) all we talk about is swimming pools and talking about our “future home” we call it. Soon I get inside the house am I thought I died when I got inside the small house because it was so hot.


Soon it turns night and the moon comes out and the stars twinkle all night long. Then we watch a movie and then BEDTIME! I try to stay up as late as I can but my parents say go to bed. I say can we look at the “behind the scenes” in the movie we just watched but they say it’s too late. Soon I get in bed and think about what to say tomorrow to stay up late.



I just finished babysitting and our friends dog(our puppy’s sister) came to our house with a dead frog.  Jennaka was outside and she saw it, she comes inside and tells us the news. I go outside to see the frog and I take our puppy and hold her while my dad goes and takes our puppy’s sisters home. I have to hold our puppy and get the frog somewhere out of the dogs site. (I think the frog got ran over by a car). I pick up the dead flat frog with two sticks and I throw it over the hill. Now the frog is gone.





                                                      +The End+