I really thought that I would have written this update weeks ago. My delay has been in waiting for the conclusion of one of our endeavors so I could share the whole story with you. But now I doubt that day will ever come. It all started on Tuesday, August 24th. We had taken the beautiful twenty minute drive south through the Date Palm farms to Parrita, our Municipality, to arrange the installment of a phone line in our rental home. After fumbling through the process with our limited Spanish, we were told that we could expect the line installed within the next 15 days, give or take a day or two. This meant that at least one of us (Kurt or Kristy) would need to be at home until their arrival. Then to our surprise and mucho delight, after waiting only four days, two men from the phone company, ICE (pronounce ē-say), were standing at our front door ready to do their job. We had heard horror stories of ICE taking years (okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration), so couldn’t believe our luck in having to wait only four days. If I could do cartwheels, I would of!!


Then the nightmare started. To our quicken disappointment we were informed that they could not install the line that day as we did not have our own pole to attach the line from the public road, up the hill, then attaching it to the house. As quickly as they were here, they were gone, along with our good fortune and our so desperately needed phone line.


Well, Kurt got on the pole thing right away. With the help of our friend Andres and his rusty pole that he had been trying to dig out of his property, within two days we were calling ICE to let them know we were now good to go. They said they would be out as soon as they could. That was 25 days ago! Twenty-five days of having one of us at home everyday, except Sundays, waiting, and waiting, and more waiting. We have mastered the game of Double Solitaire, all of our wrist and ankles are adorn with hemp/embroidery friendship bracelets and anklets. We have watched our collection of eleven DVDs a minimum of 7 times each with our favorites now reaching the teen mark. We no longer speak with complete sentences, but movie quotes instead.


Each week our friends Michal and Andres call for us to find out when we can expect them and each week they say “Next week, on Monday or Tuesday”. And each week no sign of ICE. We are now completing our fourth week of no ICE and more waiting. We have lost hope that it will happen. Yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 22nd) when we called (again!), after waiting most of the day, we were informed (again!) that it would happen this week. That’s three days left for a miracle to happen. I am not holding my breath!!


So the next time one of your utility companies schedules an appointment on a certain day, a predetermined date, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, think of us and consider yourself lucky, it really could be worse!!


Pura Vida.