Kurt arrives in Costa Rica


July 16, 2004

At LAX, we were informed that TACA now only allows one surfboard to be checked on per person.Additional boards are considered as standby.Because I had two boards in one bag I could not separate them so my board bag was considered standby.The counter agent did mention that most every bag ends up on the plane anyway so we were not to worry.When I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica, I anxiously awaited the arrival of my board bag at the oversize luggage area.I watched as surfer after surfer picked up their boards and proceeded to customs.After waiting alone for about 10 minutes with no other oversize luggage exiting the automated luggage carrier I proceeded over to the baggage claim desk.Here I was informed that my board bag was still at LAX.


I was picked up at the airport by Kevinís transfers.They had been waiting anxiously for about 45 minutes while I was dealing with my luggage (or lack of it).Jeff, the driver, also had to pick up another surfer and take him to Hermosa.The other surfer, who happened to be from Ventura, had a board bag with four surfboards.I asked him if his board bag was put on standby.He told me he told the counter agent at LAX that he only had one surfboard.It turns out they donít look in the bags and count surfboards (thatís a travel tip for you surfers).


I made it to Esterillos Oeste and as we drove past our lot on the way to the cabina I was going to stay in for a week I noticed how overgrown our lot had become.It is amazing how quickly everything grows here.Once we start landscaping our property we will have no problem with the place filling out quickly.


On Sunday July 18, there was a good sized storm brewing off the coast.It rained for a bit in the early afternoon.Lots of lightning could be seen over the ocean.At about 3 AM on Monday I was awakened by the spray of water on my face.The storm had hit and it was a big one.I had left the shutters open on the front windows to allow the cool night breeze in but the wind from the storm was so strong that the rain was horizontal and now entering my cabina.It felt like a hurricane.The lightning and thunder over the next couple of hours was intense.


The next morning there was debris from trees and plants strewn all over the place.Evidently it usually doesnít get that windy during storms so I was treated to something special my second day in Costa Rica.


On Wednesday, July 21, it was confirmed that my boards had finally arrived in Costa Rica.However, TACA refuses to deliver them to Esterillos Oeste (about 2 hours from the airport).I will get them when I pick up Kristy, Jennaka, and Tiana on Saturday, July 24.


As I sit here writing this update I am outside my cabina which is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean.I can see all the way to Manuel Antonio (about a one hour drive from here).This morning there were some white faced monkeys playing and eating in the tress just behind the cabina.


Pura Vida!